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Best Pendrive Classes for CA Inter EIS-SM 2022

If you are a graduate and have recently passed the CA foundation and looking forward to the CA Inter EIS-SM exam, here in this blog we have the best pen drive classes for you to crack the exam. 

About AT Academy

A.T. Academy for CAs has been guiding CA students to success since 2013. CA Amit Tated, one of the most renowned CA faculty in India, has coached CA aspirants across the country for CA CPT, and CA IPCC and continues to coach students, passionately, for CA Foundation, CA Intermediate, and CA Final. A.T. Academy has trained over 1L+ students till date, out of which there are 100+ AIRs,  and the numbers keep increasing every year.  A.T. Academy’s lectures are designed to make learning easier and more efficient. AT Academy believes in educating with the aim to provide conceptual clarity which helps students ace the CA exams.

What is CA Inter EIS-SM 

EIS-SM represents the emergence of e-commerce, CORE Banking Systems (CBS), new financial and accounting instruments, corporate social responsibility, significant developments in information technology, IT’s compliance requirements, emerging computing technologies, new tools of strategies, moderns strategies like TQM, Six Sigma, BPR, etc. and their implementation, their competitive landscape, corporate and business level strategies and growing influence of other strategies and innovations in the modern entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial setup.                                                         


EIS-SM helps the professionals at CA Intermediate level not only acquire professional knowledge but also the ability to apply such knowledge in problem-solving.  You can learn more about Enterprise Information systems and Strategic Management from CA Inter EIS-SM pen drive classes by  CA Amit Tated's AT Academy.


Syllabus of EIS-SM

Enterprise Information systems syllabus:

Chapter 1- Automated Business Processes

Chapter 2- Financial and accounting systems

Chapter 3- Information systems and their components

Chapter 4- E-Commerce, M-Commerce, and emerging technologies

Chapter 5- Core Banking Systems


Strategic Management Syllabus:

Chapter 1- Introduction to Strategic Management

Chapter 2- Dynamics of Competitive Strategy

Chapter 3- Strategic Management Process

Chapter 4- Corporate-Level Strategies

Chapter 5- Business-Level Strategies 

Chapter 6- Functional Level Strategies

Chapter 7- Organisation and strategic leadership

Chapter 8- Strategy Implementation and Control


You can learn and understand these topics and the important concepts of Enterprise Information systems and Strategic Management from CA Inter EIS-SM Pendrive classes by CA Amit Tated Pendrive Classes

Best Pendrive Classes for CA Inter EIS-SM 2022

The CA Inter EIS+SM Pendrive classes by CA Amit Tated’s AT Academy is an exhaustive lecture with a detailed explanation of the EIS+SM subject. 

It is divided into two sections, i.e. Enterprise Information Systems and Strategic Management. It covers five modules of EIS and eight modules of SM. It is an ideal CA Inter EIS+SM online video lecture for learners preparing for their CA Inter examination.

These Pendrive classes have been designed based on the ICAI syllabus and it covers all important aspects of Enterprise Information systems and Strategic Management.

It has a concise explanation of EIS modules like Automated Business Process, Financial and Accounting systems, Information systems and its components, E-Commerce, M-Commerce, Emerging technologies, and Core Banking Systems.

It covers the Strategic Management modules from Introduction to Strategic Management to Strategy Implementation and control.

It has approximately 50 hours of lectures for Enterprise Information Systems and 30 hours of Strategic Management.

It is available in both Hindi and English. 

About CA Amit Tated

CA Amit Tated is a well-known CA Instructor who has been training CA students for the past 8 years. He is a CA, CS, CISA, DISA, BICCP, MBA, CISM.  

He has been training students in EIS-SM for CA Inter and has an excellent grasp of the subject. He offers a detailed explanation which makes it easier to understand the concepts. He is one of the best coaches for Enterprise Information systems and Strategic Management. 

He is a passionate teacher who loves training students for their CA preparations. Amit Tated’s prime motivation is to inspire students across the country to deliver their best and accomplish their goals. 



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