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Combo - CA Intermediate - EIS - SM + Audit EOB (Exam Oriented Batch) Online Classes By CA Amit Tated

The CA Inter EIS+SM and Audit EOB (Exam Oriented Batch) online video lecture by CA Amit Tated is a Pen Drive/Google Drive lecture which has detailed explanation of two subjects, i.e. EIS+SM and Audit. The video lecture is divided in two parts, i.e. EIS, SM and Audit. It is best for students who want a combo online lecture for EIS+SM and Audit subjects.
₹5,999.00 incl tax ₹9,900.00 incl tax

CA Inter Audit EOB (Exam Oriented Batch) By CA Amit Tated

The CA Inter Audit online lecture by CA Amit Tated is an exhaustive video lecture which offers thorough explanation on Audit. It covers topics like Nature, Objective, and Scope of Audit; Audit Strategy, Audit Planning, and Audit Program; Audit Documentation and Audit Evidence; Risk Assessment and Internal Control, etc. It is a perfect option for students pursuing CA and preparing for their CA Inter Audit examination.
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Combo : CA Inter EOB (Exam Oriented Batch) ( EIS + Audit) Pendrive Classes By CA Amit Tated

This is a combo CA Inter video lecture by CA Amit Tated. It has EIS+SM video lecture The EIS+SM online video lecture has a concise explanation of all modules of EIS and SM.
This EOB combo of EIS & Audit Online lecture will help students in their Inter exam preparation. EIS is recorded in Nov 21.
Audit Available from 10th March.
₹6,000.00 incl tax ₹7,800.00 incl tax